Gielinorian Giving

From now until 23:59 GMT on May 21, you can collect charity symbols through regular skills and combat training activities. If you've seen one of the previous editions - like agents of anger or goblins-you'll be right at home, but be sure to get the best return 20% of Agility's training and the Constitution or prayer this time.

In the hands of up to 1,000 charitable symbols a day to open the bonuses, including defender mind cosmetics outfit - complete with shield mind shield - and pets Angélique Inari.

There is also a great defender the head of the mind - available from the Solomon shop or event interface (Roncoanz only) for the duration of the event.

If you want speed things, or if you miss a few days and you need to get it, you can increase the daily maximum of charity symbols by Roncoanz spending in reward store.

And will donate all proceeds from the sales head and Roncoanz to the reward store, divided over the three charities.