How To Avoid Scam Of Runescape Game

Apparently everyone hates scam in their life,they are afraid to get scam by someone,however scam always unprepared appeared in our lives.So it is essential to take care the detail and find scam, avoiding hurt by someone.

As you're obviously all aware, the Old School servers are back. That means all the fun memories and content we've enjoyed as we have progressed through the years, we can enjoy again. However, there are also certain things not so enjoyable, such as scams and lures that existed during that time that we must become aware of.

Unlike today, we didn't have certain safety measures back then, such as the amount of money something was worth in the trade screen, or the "other player has declined trade" notification in the chat box. Some scams that exist today existed back then as well, others were unique to that time period. In this thread, I intend to outline popular scams of the time period, and ways to avoid and deal with them. Doubling Runescape Gold - The scammer will say they can double yourRunescape Gold and offer to 'prove' it, other times, they will simply offer to double it.

You give them a small amount of Runescape Gold - they give you double the amount back. They will then try to get you to give them a larger amount, but instead of doubling it they'll just keep it. They may even use a friend to help, who will stand next to them saying something like ''OMG! He doubled my 100k!'' or ''Wow! you really are legit''. It’s probably worth remembering that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you fall victim to this, it's best to report the player for scamming. Trust Trades - A player will tell you to trade them your most expensive item and they will return it to you - then say the person who trades the most expensive item wins a huge prize! This is a SCAM. These scammers will often be surrounded by friends who will tell you that they recently won a massive amount of money. Avoid this at all costs.Rounding Runescape Gold - Scammers will say "Show me your pile of cash and I'll round it up to the nearest million/hundred thousand for you" - this is one of the "too good to be true" scams. When you show the scammer your money (let's say it's 900k) they will put 100k in the trade window - and the initial impression is that you are indeed getting the difference between your cash and one million - but don't forget you have put 850k up - if you proceed with the trade you will hand over 900k and receive 100k in return, the net effect being a transfer of 800k from you to the scammer. ALWAYS be wary of your trade.

Always concentrate carefully when trading with another player and keep a close eye on the other player's trade window.Don't let people pressure you when trading. Remember you cannot duplicate items on RuneScape and the lending system didn't exist yet. Don't listen to anyone saying otherwise.So hopefully this will keep you informed and one step ahead of those with evil intentions. Knowledge really is power. Stay safe out there everyone.