How the Boats Work in Sailing

Most people like the sea cause it can broaden our horizon and purify our heart. We want to go on a sailing when we can’t breath under the pressure of work or life. We can’t do this in our really life cause the condition restriction, but we can make it true happening in a game, for example, the old school game. So, today, i want to make a suggestion for old school content-the design for sailing. It will be the best updates of all time. When we want to set a sailing, we have to obtain a boat, but how the boats work? It will be the basic sense that everyone should know about.


The boats are instanced and accessed from ports in runescape. Think of them a bit like POHs –the difference being the place you end up when you leave the instance isn’t necessarily where you went in. That’s like if you entered your POH in Yanille, and while in there, changed its location so when you left you came out in Rimmington.

Boats work just like that. You enter them from one location, then using the navigation map can change where you come out. Boats also share more in common with POHs in that they have hotspots and multiple people can be in them.

There are two types of health when it comes to the boats. The first is damage to the hull and the boat. When a danger is triggered, damage may be done to the hull. When the hull reaches 0 health, the boat can still be moved, but the boat’s health will start dropping (since the ship is sinking!) and if the boat reaches 0 health it will sink. Sinking is equivalent to death – all players lose items as if it were death on the mainland. The boat is also lost. To stop the boat taking damage you'll have to repair the hull.

Boat health cannot be replenished while at sea, and will only regenerate when the boat is at a port. Different boats have different levels of health.

The second is damage to hotspots. On each boat there are a number of hotspots where you can build things like oars, rudders etc. There are different levels of each, like oak oars to mahogany oars. Higher levels have more health.

If a hotspot reaches 0 health, you won’t be able to move the boat until it is repaired. Bear in mind that when a boat isn’t moving in a square, after an amount of time it may be hit by another danger.

You’d be best to bring a hammer and saw with you to make any repairs. I think stuff like planks/tar should have a spawn on the boat so you don’t waste inventory space.

The mechanic for repairs could have a similar probabilistic mechanic that encourages construction training. There is a probability that you will make the repair (say, (construction level/100)). The game will roll this probability each tick until it repairs.

That means somebody with 99 construction will likely successfully repair immediately every time, somebody with 50 construction will take on average 2 ticks, and so on.

Repairing sails has the same mechanic except with crafting instead of construction, likewise funnels with smithing.

High level boats have a higher level of health. Higher level seas have dangers that inflict more damage. Therefore a high level ship in a low level sea will have little trouble at all, and a low level ship in a high level sea will get damaged very quickly.

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