Deadman mode sucks

Well, it would be fun if you could get off the ground. But with everyone killing you for your progress (Where you lose even your tools--Because there's no point having them if they're going to sit in your deposit box) it really isn't. It COULD be fun, but the fact that it's nearly impossible to get started outside of towns (even then, people will still attack you and 1-hit you) makes the 5x exp rate redundant. Have fun chopping and mining with a bronze axes/pickaxes, because it's all you'll be doing, unless you want to work up to rune, but even then, have fun doing those activities in towns, where the best resources are, uh, willow at best (two willow trees in lumbridge) for woodcutting and thieving.

In fact, the devils REALLY wanted you to do this, so much that they removed the yew trees in var-rock. Good job, that would've made it too easy to get money, wouldn't it? It's a huge shame, because I would have loved to enjoy this game mode, but it's just way too harsh. Having to skill with bronze until you get TWO good gatherer skill tools (One to use and one as a spare) is just really painful. Because, unless as I stated before, you want to chop willows in lumbridge, you'll lose the one you have.What’s worse,you will lose Runescape gold!

Especially when the big you-tubers/streamers get donations which puts them one step ahead, and people are using mules (You cannot tell me that people are getting banned in DMM for breaking that rule, because a certain you-tuber who I can't name because this post will get locked , a consistent rule-breaker, hasn't been banned for it yet. As he said, it's just fear-mongering so people don't do it.) The fact that you also can't protect 2 combat stats + hp means you'll have to sacrifice a combat stat or hp, which, if you're a melee build, enjoy being 1 defense AND 10 hp, because you'll want to protect attack/strength to get your hp/defense back up. I hope you enjoy training again, and again, and again. In general, losing half your exp is also too harsh.

I would be fine if you could keep your tools--rune axes/pick-- because that means I could rebuild at least a little bit. I've barely gotten to pk because all it's been is people killing me--even in safe zones, which makes no sense to me. Other than that, I think looting people's banks is an awesome idea and, again, I would have LOVED to enjoy it. But, yeah, I'm done, because even though it's a pvp mode, I've done more skulling than anything. Have fun, guys. You all have more fortitude than I do.

Also an unrelated note, I find it funny that some of us players asked for pre-etc servers, only to be told that "We don't wanna split the community any more than it actually is", however there's Classic, EOC, osrs, DMM and Iron-man (If you wanna count that).

I also think it's hilarious that there are private servers that run pre-enc and they aren't even corporations but Jagex couldn't.

I don't play private servers (Afraid of getting phished) but it's just so weird.

You do realize that when you die you lose half your exp and not all right? do you know how many times in a row you need to die to get from 99 hp to 10?

I know it will break you down if you die 2-3 times in a row, but hey , this game was not meant for people with a soft character.

I've died multiple times, as level 3 with cash piles from thieving as well (in safe zones) and i didn't quit, i still enjoy it day after day..

Alright,that’s all i want to complain about the Deadman Mode, i will be glad to receive different ideas from you guys,have a nice day!