Luring Issues

Player’s user-name (This n that) is luring people into wild and dropping coins to trick them into picking them up, Then proceeds to have them killed with all of there belongings. Obviously this is a very well know issue but i am constantly seeing this player doing it and want to try and bring some attention to him so he can get punished correctly for these offenses. It is terrible to see that in-knowledgeable players that are trying to enjoy the game don't know any better and lose all of their hard worked for items just to make them not even want to play the game again... for all OSRS Gold players who are actually not up to date on this issue never, ever follow anyone into the wild unless you are aware of the situation.

On a side note (same topic) in a failed attempt to anti lure i actually ended up losing about 7 m trying to tele- grab the money the lurer dropped and was telling me to pick up, I ended up losing that attempt so i don't advise trying it lol. But anyways if some sort of justice can be brought to this This n that guy that would be great I'm sick of seeing people fall for his scams.

The best thing you can do is report them in game for scamming, and then put them on your ignore list. Players cannot be reported here on the forum as it's your word against theirs, whereas reporting in game captures a lot more detail about the situation as it happens and is then sent to the correct team to deal with the issue at hand.While they are not in control any more, the Cowers used to say that avarice lures were OK. that's why there was never anything to stop them.I don't think that anyone will do anything about it.In the mean time, you can name and shame since there is no proof about it.

Luring is just one of those things that will always be there. I remember being a level 70 and was super upset when I got lured for my trimmed rune back in 2007. I see it is a sort of initiation into the game, almost everyone has been lured or tried to be lured at least once ha-ha. It is a form of scamming so a report to Jagex is the best you can do. Just need to remember if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

I will be glad to hear different ideas from you guys,and we can have a discussion about the resolution for the issue,have a nice day,see you!