Runescape: Halloween 2016

To become a laboratory technician evil that you have always dreamed of being a repetition of the event this Halloween free to play.

Date Dr. Fenkenbrain four activities D & D-type also helps in creating a monster. Then, explore the outskirts of Falador dark you collect mechanical parts to make your very own pet.

There is no basic legal requirements or changed, but there may be complications ... ... so bring some food may be a good idea.

Getting Started

The chairman of the new port outside the invention Guild, north-east through the Falador, and zip Falador dark.

Meeting an old friend, Dr. Fenkenbrain the other side of the gate Halloween and talk to him first.

Lending a hand to document (and maybe a few more parts of the body to start), and are working to create an alternative to God failed Zombies.

There are four activities to participate in on a daily basis - the sorting of the body, with the conveyor belt bicycle, and participation in the divine and the generator charging.

The document declares that any deaths that may occur is safe areas - so much fun!

To help build a monster you defeat the gray material, which you can use to buy prizes of less than Halloween Dr. Fenkenbrain address.

This includes a hat and a lightning rod, pets creeptastic and "mad professor" title.

When I finished this year's event on your own, and it can also be a reward emotes last year's Halloween party, music, and if you've seen those.

You can repeat this event this year as much as you want to make the matter more gray, but you can earn more from the first completed every day. Note that the last step if the only occurs after the end of the first day.

Mechanical spider pet Hunt

When it is done, and to explore the area, which is located outside the laboratory to determine the Fenkenbrain eight pieces of pets mechanical spider. Assembled and you can buy a pet shop reward for this event.