The Empty Head Allowance - Children of Mah Pre-Release Skilling

Scores will be acclimatized in the accessible adventure Children of Mah, so it's time to prepare! Get to the dig website area Zaros's head allowance has been apparent and arbor up appetizing XP gains, all while apprehension absent secrets of the Zarosian Empire.

Requirements:RuneScape associates only; Akin 65 in at atomic one of Agility, Mining or Divination; You accept to accept completed the Dig Website quest

Where to start:Enter the anew baldheaded access at the Dig Site.

This new skilling area will let you accumulate up to 800,000 XP in anniversary of Agility, Mining and Divination by mining, adorning and transmuting its crystals. This works in a agnate way to the Nexus, in that you can acquire XP by training at the assorted skilling spots, up until the cap. Look out for energised spots, too, to maximise your gains.

As able-bodied as the XP, you will acquisition Senntisten charcoal which can be alternate to Celia in the head allowance to alleviate alarming lore.

This is a absolute befalling to get absorbed for Children of Mah, its ambience in Gielinor's history and its accessible challenges. It's aswell a absolute adventitious to akin up abundant to yield on any actual quests you accept to do in the Fate of the Gods questline!