Old School RuneScape raids brought the dragon claws back

Something of a "super reinforced," This raid, known as the departments of bushes, and consists of a series of seven leaders and a handful of non-combat encounters designed well-rounded Party, which has a maximum of 100 players to encourage. Together, players will try to beat leaders inside and get valuable items, including the always in demand dragon claws.

The inclusion of dragon claws particularly controversial because the old school team preclude the introduction of these weapons and iconic, but bad balance in the game for fear of undermining the balance of the player Runs Cape Old School versus player (PVP) environment . demand community, however, led the team to address the nature of one side of the PVP, which are fixed to the clutches of the dragon. Bonuses in a raid of the departments shrubs, old-school team believes that a solution to the dilemma of melee combat outclassing found his magic and ranged colleagues, in the form of a powerful new weapons to the two fighting styles as well.

Together, the claws of the Dragon, Kodai stick, crooked bow pose Increasing the benefits of this new content, and after the debate almost fiery generated and discussed as such in all parts of the clutches of the dragon. And tamest of the three in the eyes of society, and Kodai scepter, and leave the link to the normal requirement to manual bypass some of the strongest period of the game every time they want to throw.

The dragon claws remain unchanged, particularly useful as a means of blast down enemies by a special attack, which amounts to four times in rapid succession and can be used twice in a row. First Strike deals damage as a normal attack, but the second half treats this damage, and the third and fourth each half of the damage caused by the second strike automatically. Because the players in the old school runescape only a maximum of 100 hit points, and the claws of the dragon can deal 40 damage in one hit, the player can directly infected lucky slain enemies paralyze even those in full health. The use of the second individual of the stop, which arms high hit does not seem possible, and increases the chance of lethal.

And crooked bow that deserves to increase damage and accuracy when used against opponents magic, sparked controversy when a demonstration by an employee Jagyeks, treated 85 damage against an opponent usually is one of the non-magical. Hit the ceiling of the weapon is unknown but Jagyeks released details of plans for the speed with which the balance of the weapon.

Because Jagyeks policy of most of the changes the mood brought back the old RuneScape school and that require more than the consensus of a majority vote, it is unclear whether any of these weapons will be their capacity as soon as they begin to appear in the game, and it may take some time until this happens because they can only be obtained from a rare reward circuits of the bushes, but if it were not so, all of these weapons are to fundamentally change the face of the fighting in PVP old school RuneScape.